April 2019







   Jonette Crowley kommt in den Raum der Festspielstadt                                                Bayreuth

                           05./06./07. April 2019



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    Zürich / Schweiz

  11. – 14. April 2019

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      Warschau / Polen



26. – 28. April 2019







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 03. – 05. Mai 2019







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 Summer Solstice Spiritual Tour

June 16 - 23



Join Jonette for a spectacular spiritual retreat and adventure tour. Uncover the secret energy portals and inter-dimensional gateways of this majestic mountain. Hailed as the world's root chakra, it is the mystic power source for Mother Earth. The area has an extraordinarily high concentration of power which acts as a catalyst for transformation and facilitates a more intimate connection to higher self. 

"As we move into ascension, Mount Shasta holds the power of awakening."


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      Oslo / Norwegen





    01. September 2019







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    Skanderborg / Dänemark








06. – 08. September 2019







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   11. – 15. September 2019







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19. – 22. September 2019








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